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Robert ‘Hank’ Ackerman likes Hank Williams Jr.’s new album. The album is getting a lot of positive reviews from the critics. Ackerman says the songs referring to Hank Sr. are particularly strong.

I think the latest Hank Jr CD, titled “127 Rose Avenue” is one I will listen to a lot…. it has a great selection and variety of songs and there is a whole lot of Hank (Sr) in this one.  This CD, for my taste and in my opinion, reminds me of some of the older Hank Jr music … of course the title song relates to his Daddy’s Boyhood Home in Georgiana, Alabama, and there is a track titled “Last Driftin’ Cowboy” that is a wonderful tribute to the late Don Helms.  (And if you like “country blues” you will love Hank Jr’s latest version of “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”).  This is a keeper for sure.

In the prestigious  New York Times,  Ben Ratliff writes a fairly long but somewhat mixed review. He thinks the recession based political songs on the album are a bit “heavy handed” and overdone. But, like Ackerman he likes the songs reflecting on the Hank Williams era. 

A pair of tracks in the middle of the record meditate on his father, and typically they represent the album’s conceptual high point. “Last Driftin’ Cowboy” is a two-parter: first the song talks in the posthumous voice of Don Helms, the steel-guitar player for Hank Williams Sr.’s band, who says that Hank Sr. was not a sad man; he knew how to have fun. Then it slows down to lament Helms’s death. And in the title song — the street address of Hank Sr.’s boyhood home in Georgiana, Ala. — a visitor conjures the spirit of his father. It’s hokey, but kind of real: there is a museum there, after all.

I was a really big Hank Jr fan in the early years and had a collection of 5 or 6 vinyl albums from the 70’s and 80’s. I may have one cassette but no CD’s, so I guess that tells you when I lost interest. The guns, survival, football, and political stuff sort of lost me. I’m looking forward to this album with  real working class and Hank Sr themes.

It is being reviewed all over, so a Goggle search will yield lots of information.

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The reaction to the recent release of the ‘The Unreleased Recordings’ demonstrated once again that Hank Williams is a international star, and a world class artistic icon.

As that reputation and status continue to grow, there are  many in the world wide Hank Williams’ community who will likely never make it to Hank’s birthplace in his home State of Alabama.  

But for all of us, it is so gratifying to see the people of Butler County, where Hank was born, and the City Of Montgomery where  he learned his craft and achieved his first successes as a performer and radio personality, continue to stage events and support museums in his honor.

This weekend is the Hank Williams Festival weekend in Georgiana, at the Hank Williams Museum there, and at the headquarters of the Hank Williams’ Fan Club nearby.

I was so pleased when the Hank Williams’ Fan Club website put up a link to this site some time ago. There is a link to their very comprehensive site in the Blogroll at the side.

People who are working to preserve the memory of Hank Williams and  his works, and expand the range of discussion about him would find the task hopeless if the people of Alabama did not continue to honor and celebrate their native son.

The Greenville Advocate Newspaper has published a couple of advance articles on the Festival:

June 11:


And June 5:


Have a great weekend!

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