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I’m really enjoying a new blog about Emmylou Harris.

It’s by the blogger Citizen K ¬†who I have linked to on the Blogroll to the right since he wrote a great review of Hank Williams The Unreleased Recordings. He’s pledging to put up a new post about Emmylou everyday for 365 days. So far it’s been great. One entry featured video of Kitty Wells singing ‘Making Believe’ with Emmylou’s version as well.

His latest entry is a video of Emmylou singing the song about the death of Hank Williams called ‘Rollin and Ramblin’.

I wrote a post about this song quite a while ago. Here it is.

Update: When you go to the link above, you will find a very good comment by Beecher O’Quinn on portrayals of the life of Hank Williams, as well as a reply from me.

Here’s the link to the great new blog 365 days of Emmylou Harris.

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