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The name Hank Williams will once again be part of the Grammy Awards as the Time Life production of the The Complete Mother’s Best Flour 1951 radio programs is nominated for Best Historical Album.

The actual nominees are: the producers Colin Escott, Mike Jason & Jett Williams, compilation producers; Joseph M.Palmaccio, mastering engineer.

The competition looks a little tough. The re-release of The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings), Not Fade Away: The Complete Studio Recordings and More (Buddy Holly), and a compilation of  the best recordings being made in Los Angeles in the mid 60’s.

The Grammy Award show will be held February 13th.

The Complete  Mother’s Best is a 15 CD Box Set, with a bonus DVD, all packaged in a simulated vintage radio format. The Box  Set contains all of the 15 minute radio shows which Hank Williams recorded live to disk on acetates to be played on the air when he was on the road and couldn’t do the show live. They contain some of Hank Williams  most dramatic and memorable singing performances. The Mother’s Best shows reveal a more  informal relaxed radio personality which Hank fans haven’t heard before. The sound quality is better than the original MGM recordings, showcasing  a richer deeper more expressive Hank Williams’ singing style. Finally, the radio programs reveal a wide range of musical interests as Hank searched through his wide knowledge of folk and gospel music to find material to fill the requirements of a daily radio show.

Time Life was chosen by the Hank Williams estate to handle the Mother’s Best programs once it achieved ownership after a lengthy legal battle.  Two 3 CD highlight compilations were released in 2008 and 2009. Then this year  it was decided to release the entire Mother’s Best  catalogue in one big package. The Box Set at $199.00 US has received excellent reviews from major newspapers and music journals. The decision to release the entire historical record of Mother’s Best Shows has now been rewarded with a nomination by the biggest musical award show there is, The Grammy Awards.

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