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Sadly the Hank Williams generation in country music is inevitably passing away.

News recently that Johnny Wright of Johnny and Jack duet fame and husband of country legend Kitty Wells has died at the age of 97. A week or two earlier Wilma Lee, a stalwart of the Wheeling Jamboree  in the Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper husband wife duo, passed away. She was 91.

All of the Hank biographies report a close friendship between Hank Williams, Johnny Wright, Jack Anglin and Kitty Wells. I stand to be corrected but I think they were stars of the Louisiana Hayride at the same time.

I guess there are still  many people who knew and performed with Hank Williams still alive, But if you take those who are true contemporaries of Hank Williams born say between 1915 and 1930 few remain. Thankfully Little Jimmie Dickens and Kitty Wells and Ray Price are still with us. I’m sure there are others.

We forget sometimes to do the math, but those born in 1930, seven years after Hank Williams, are now 81. And we recently celebrated hank’s 88th birthday.

Here’s the sound of Johnny and Jack.

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The always entertaining country music newsletter by Doug Davis has been away for a while but is now appearing again,  although not on a daily basis. Davis tells me he’s hoping to get back to once a week.

I think Davis has had some health problems but is feeling better.

His newsletter is available by subscription. He has a website where you can sign up for the newsletter:


The newsletter features the  Story Behind the Song feature, a question and answer section on country music history and trivia, and my favorite, the number one song on this date for six different years in country music history.

There are also columns by Jack Blanchard and Bill Morrison who writes on country music history.

As his readers know, Davis is: owner/publisher/managing editor/writer/gopher/chief cook and bottle washer.

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Here’s a little homily I’m sure some of you will like. I found it on the Facebook website for the movie ‘The Last Ride’. It was posted by someone called Christopher Townsend. Here’s the page: ‘The Last Ride’.

And here’s the quote with a brand new twist on Hank in heaven.

And on the seventh day as he rested, God longed to hear some music. He called the singer of this music “Hank Williams”, and as God listened, he saw that what he had created was good. Then, after many years of listening, God decided to share the music with the people on Earth.

29 short years later, God longed to hear Hank Williams sing once again, and brought him back into Heaven, leaving the people on Earth with only the recordings, and the memory of a man who was much more than just a country singer.

Hope you liked it.

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Here’s a nice little birthday card for Hank Williams on this his 88th birthday, September 17th.

It comes from Tom Lipscombe at the Alabama Talk Line Forum. There’s a link to the Talk Line down on the Blogroll at the side.

Happy Birthday Hank!

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The Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys Tribute Band has  two dates:

September 16, New Harmony, IN, Murphy Auditorium, 7:30PM

September 18, Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa, Chesapeake Beach, MD, 2:30PM

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Thanks to Beth Petty at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery for a note on the September 17th Hank birthday festivities at the museum.

This is Hank Williams’ 88th birthday. The museum is also hosting a Collector’s Fair in connection with the birthday celebration which falls on the Saturday this year.

The day begins with a wreath laying at the Hank Williams’ gravesite at the Oakwood Cemetery at 9am.

The museum on Commerce Street in downtown Montgomery opens at 10am.Between 11 and 4 there will be live music and time for fellowship between fans. Concession booths are available.

A reminder from Beth Petty that the gift store at the museum has the new 2012 calendar for sale at $10.

If anyone has  Hank Williams related  announcements or news items they would like to see on this blog please contact me at:


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