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I’m still continuing to get comments on the Hank Williams bio pic movie ‘The Last Ride’.
Most of them are posted on an article  from April 2010 called ‘From Hank Williams movie ‘The Last Ride’ more pictures. Here are the last four which I decided to bring up to the top of the blog.
Meanwhile, a note from Jett Williams that she will be attending the screenings of  ‘The Last Ride’ in Montgomery and Shreveport.
Now here are the new comments:
Rock Harley

I hope they release this movie ASAP! While there are still some who are still alive and remember, there are the young who think they know Country and haven’t got a clue! “Hank’s music’, his delivery and his story are everlasting, and his image needs to make the screen again to revive the legend and let him live again! The closest thing to the real,”Hank Williams” is Alvin Anders, a Hank Williams tribute artist from Michigan.


This trailer appears to allude to a film that would be best served debuting on the Lifetime Channel. I find it terribly sad that there has been a film made about one of the greatest singer/songwriters that has ever lived, and the man’s name and music is not even used in the context of the movie. An attempt to recreate his music live would have been a sight to see, given there is such little footage of his live performances. That is why films like Walk The Line and Control have such power. The film is already an epic failure because of the involvement of Hank’s two hangers on of children. I can tell that the movie is dripping in cheap sentimentality constructed by shallow, nostalgic people. They should have allowed young, deep thinking, talented Southerners to have control of this project… much like the man who the film is suppposed to be about. If his life is of any significance, it is in that his music is eternal because it is honest and beautiful.


Willunderscore – I tend to agree with you completely. I wish there would be a truly artistic, talented screenplay/director/cast that would do this right, seeing that it has, as of yet, never been done. A life and career of the magnitude of Hank’s deserves a grand treatment on film, and why that has not happened is beyond me.

Rock Harley

In response to , “Why there has not been a movie about Hank’ s life and legend that captures the essance and magnitude of his greatness?” …the answer is, “Hollywood is blind to the amount of interest and hysteria, and dollars that it would draw at the boix office, and “Nashville’ isn’;t Country anymore! They’ve sold out to a bunch of Rock and Roll hasbeens that think Country is a Cowboy Hat, boots and a pretty face! There is no heart, no melody, no harmony, no message, no family, and no substance! All Modern Coutry music sounds the same, just a beat for a “Hillbilly mating dance so they line up on the dance floor at the bar, chicken step, and get laid!

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