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The new album is called ‘The First Rock and Roll Record’. It’s a huge 3CD set which presents    recordings that may have been considered the first rock record by someone at some time in rock history.

Of course, Hank Williams has to be on this record. The company has chosen ‘Move it On Over’. Scores of commentators and critics through the years have identified Hank as a founder of rock and roll, and ‘Move it on Over’ is often mentioned because Bill Haley’s seminal ‘Rock around the Clock’ sounds so much like Hank’s very inventive  witty and funny story about a man who’s locked out of his house by his wife and moves into the dog house for the night.

Readers will remember that I wrote a lengthy and I must say very thorough and quite brilliant article called ‘Hank Williams writes all time greatest rock lyric’. In that essay I argue that ‘Hey Good Lookin’ is a rock lyric and led directly to the later work of Buddy Holly, Faron Young, and  Chuck Berry. In that essay I also talk about ‘Move it on Over’ ‘Honky Tonkin’,  ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ and ‘Mind Your Own Business’.  That essay is here.

Although there are 82 tracks on this album there is only the one from Hank Williams. I would think ‘Hey good Lookin’ should have made it, and if only one Hank recordings could be included I would take ‘Hey Good Lookin’ over ‘Move it on Over’.

Here are some of the artist names from the record just to shake up your memories and curiosity:

Trixie Smith, Charlie Patton, Boswell Sisters, Benny Goodman, Robert Johnson (of course), Ella Fitzgerald, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Bob  Wills, Big Joe Turner, The Andrew Sisters, T-bone Walker, Arther ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith, Delmore Brothers, Pee Wee King, Muddy Waters,  Fats Domino, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Big Mama Thornton, Arthur Crudup, and Jackie Brenston (Famous for Rocket 88 considered by many the first rock record)

The last part of Disc 3 contains recordings that are already considered rock and roll by Carl Perkins, Elvis, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. The last track is ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

The details about the record are on Amazon UK, and it will be available on Amazon US and Canada by the end of November.

Please feel free to used the comments section to submit your own ideas on the first rock and roll record, and which Hank record made the greatest contribution to rock music.

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The country music legend Ray Price, who is still touring,  was a protege of Hank Williams as most Hank fans know. In fact Hank got Price on the Grand Old Opry. And in the last year of Hank’s life,  Price lived with Hank Williams in a Nashville house they shared after Audrey and Hank split up.

I was excited to get an email from a fellow music blogger who managed to get a long phone interview with Ray Price.

In it, Price talks at length about Hank’s last year. He attributes many of the problems Hank had during that time on the emotional turmoil caused by the separation and divorce from Audrey which Hank did not want.

Readers of this blog will know that I am somewhat obsessed by the spinal fusion surgery Hank underwent in December of 1951.

As I have said before, if that same surgery was performed in 2011 the results could not be predicted, and the outcome could go either way. That’s today. And even today the pain from that surgery would be unbearable and last for many months, and it would be months not weeks before a patient would return to work.  Even the powerful new pain drugs we have today would not totally ease the recovery.

This a long winded way of saying I wish Jason asked about the surgery. But it is till a great interview and well done to get it.

Here’s the link.

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The Hank Williams movie ‘The Last Ride’ has wrapped up a test run lasting several weeks in a number of  cities in Arkansas as well as Shreveport and Montgomery. Here’s a really positive little  review I found on the movie’s Facebook page. It’s from:

Jami Bonnette Caldwell

Greatly anticipated this movie, as I grew up w/ Mom & her family singing Hank’s great standards…. It was wonderful! Poignant, stirring…. made me laugh & made me tear up a bit. Thoroughly enjoyed recognizing a lot of the locations also, living near Benton & Little Rock. Henry Thomas as “Luke” was definitely a hit…. I actually had to remind myself that he wasn’t that sick or fragile – telling everyone to catch it. Thanks for this treasure!

Before the opening in Montgomery, the two stars Henry Thomas and Jesse James posed at the Hank Williams’ grave and memorial.

I  don’t think a final decision has been made on the future of the film. Something will happen in January; either more theatre showings, or TV, or out on DVD.

Here’s the link to the Facebook page.

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