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You can circle October 16th as Hank Williams’ biggest day of this year 2012.

The Wes Anderson hit movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ featuring Hank Williams on the soundtrack will be be seen and heard by countless millions of people  around the world..

The movie received rave reviews when it came out earlier in the year. Now there is a chance  it will nominated for an Academy Award, perhaps even Best Picture.

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ is described as a charming mythical tale involving two pre teens who leave home together on a remote sparsely populated island off the New England coast. The adults featuring the likes of Bruce Willis and Bill Murray embark on a search as a storm approaches.

The innocence of youth is contrasted with the lethargic corruption of the adult world all filmed in georgeous fairy tale colour.

Some where along the way the voice of Hank Williams cuts through the sentimentality as six songs appear in the movie.

Hank shares soundtrack duties with the likes of Benjamin Britten, Francois Hardy, Mozart,  Leonard Bernstein, and Alexandre Desplat.

Here’s a post I wrote on the movie back in late May.

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