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Ray Price update

Here is a new less optimistic update on Ray Price today OCT 17, 2013:


It’s a note posted on his Facebook page



Hello Friends,
Just wanted to give you an update on Ray. Last night Ray developed SEPSIS, a bad bacteria infection in his blood line. We rushed him to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and treatment was started. Rays blood pressure dropped too low and his heart rate too high. We were in watchful crisis all night long and through out early morning hours before he stabilized. Dr. Red Duke is here in charge and coordinating all of the Specialists treating Ray. I am at Rays bedside and have not left him for a second. I will continue to be ever watchful and give updates as Ray continues to improve.

Please remember Ray in your prayers tonight.
Blessings To All!
Janie Price


Not so good news this time.









Some good news regarding Ray Price, an update from the newspaper article I referred to earlier.

This comes from a friend  of his Marty Martel in Nashville.




(Nashville, TN-11.7.12) Ray Price, legendary Hall of Famer and no doubt the greatest singer that country music has ever known, is a dear, dear friend of mine, so I am sending this press release out to everyone to let you know, that Ray’s cancer is in remission and has not grown.   I ask you to keep Ray in your prayers that the cancer stays in remission as he continues touring with his Cherokee Cowboys Band.”

If you know Ray is going to be appearing in your area make a point of going to the show, and I promise you that you will enjoy one of the finest shows you have ever seen.”

Ray will be heading to Nashville this month to begin recording “Love Songs,” his first album since 2007.  He is excited about this new project and there is no one better to sing love songs, then Ray Price.

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