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I see there is audio of the Sunset Park Pennsylvania Hank Williams concert up on You Tube again. This 30 minute taping only 5 and  a half months from his death shows Hank in great form with lots of witty little asides and his powerful, at his best, singing voice.  However the vocals are diminished by  poor recording quality, obviously done on amateur equipment.

This recording was on You Tube earlier but disappeared around the time Time Life was announcing the release of the ‘Lost Recordings’ CD. That CD came out in mid October and also contains a live recording made in Niagara Falls New York around the same time. That one isn’t on You Tube.

Time Life doesn’t send me any information on any of their Hank Williams releases so I am quite happy to post this recording. However, I imagine once  thousands? of visitors start rushing to the site, it will come down again. Enjoy.

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