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Every once in while I go on You Tube and search for videos on spina bifida and spinal fusion surgery.

Hank Williams underwent a new and risky form of surgery to relieve acute back pain called spinal fusion. This surgery opened up the back cutting through the muscle to expose the actual bones,nerves and spinal cord itself. Even today recovery can be problematic and the effectiveness of this procedure is by no means guaranteed.

Biographer and writers about Hank Williams have down played the importance of this event. A month and a half after surgery the Grand ole Opry tried to force him back on the road.

I got lucky the last time I checked You Tube in December. The first video I check showed an obviously sincere and intelligent woman, mature and not at all complaining or whining about her situation.

She touched on a number of issues which may have applied to Hank Williams.After six weeks the pain had not gone away;  she had a fall which made the situation worse; and with all of today’s sophisticated pain control options she was still having trouble with medication.

Hank Williams underwent spinal fusion surgery 61 years ago, And after a year of pain, incontinence, experimentation with primitive drugs,   and totally on his own, with no help or sympathy from friends, family,  or business colleagues,  he died 60 years ago.

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