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I was hopeful that attorney Keith Adkinson, the husband of Jett Williams, might be able to untangle some of  mysteries surrounding the untimely death of Hank Williams on his final journey to a show in the last days of 1952. Adkinson and Williams had vowed in a Newsletter last year to tackle and solve the 60 year old mystery once and for all.

Sadly the untimely death of Adkinson, who successfully proved Jett Williams was the legitimate daughter of Hank Williams and co heir to his estate, will  now be cut short.

I have received thousands of visitors to a blog posting I did on this issue. HERE. Make sure you read the comments section which has articles from people claiming special knowledge of the death of Hank Williams.

A lot of the interest in the death of hank Williams has been stirred up by the recent film ‘The Last Ride’ which has just come out on DVD, Blu Ray and download.

Here’s a list of all the Blog Posts I’ve done on the film. There sure are a lot!

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The distinguished lawyer who changed the Hank Williams universe is dead.

Keith Adkinson took the case of Jett Williams and established her claim as the daughter of Hank Williams and her claim to half of the estate. This took many years of complex legal action, and many appeals ending I believe in the Tennessee Supreme Court. Along the way Adkinson married his client Jett Williams.

He was 69 and had recently undergone heart surgery.

I just want to say that in my opinion watching from afar, Keith and Jett never did anything to detract from the reputation of Hank Williams as a great world artistic figure. In fact they greatly enhanced it with the fine respectful, intelligent ,and not exploitive presentation of the Mother’s Best Radio Shows which had added so much to the Hank Williams legacy.

Adkinson, a Washington lawyer originally, died in Nashville where he resided with Jett and ran an active law firm.

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Very informative lengthy taped interview with the author of the distinctive Hank Williams’ guitar sound, Don Helms.

This interview was done at the Hank Williams’ Festival in June 1997 by Tom Casesa. He is a New York based musician and visual artist.

Casera asks a lot of good questions and drills down a bit into some interesting topics. When you hear these interviews you often say why didn’t he ask this? That didn’t happen too much in this interview. Tom seems to have gained Don Helms’ trust so he’s very honest. The interview is on You Tube with still pictures.

Thanks to Robert Ackerman for sending it along and Tom Casesa for sharing it with Hank Williams fans through Robert.

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