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Here’s the latest update on Hank Williams friend and protege Ray Price, 87, who  has been seriously ill with an infection and pancreatic cancer in a Houston hospital. This comes from his wife Janie on the Ray Price Facebook page.

Hello Friends,
Ray And I Want To Thank God For Hearing All Of The Prayers Sent Up To Him From All Of You And For The Incredibly Miraculous Recovery That Ray Has Made!!!
Ray has been downgraded from Isolution ICU to Intermediate ICU!
The hospital is the only place on Earth that the announcement of “YOU HAVE BEEN DOWNGRADED” is a good thing!
If Ray continues to improve over this up coming weekend, he will be able to leave ICU and move into an Acute Care Facility early next week.
We cannot go home yet because he has to have physician supervised dialysis. His kidneys were severely damaged by the Sepsis and we have to give them time to recover function.
A Dear Friend told me today this is Day 44 of our hospital stay. Frankly I have lost track of the days and the time passing.
All I know is that my Sweetheart is still alive and becoming more and more like his old self every day.
I have not been more than 10 steps away from his bedside and I promise you I shall remain on constant vigil until we can walk out of this place together! !
If you can find it in your hearts to stay with us just a while longer, I truly believe our God will bring us home!
Your Grateful Friend, Janie Price

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I was delighted to receive a comment written  on one of the posts on this site about the movie ‘The Last Ride’.

The movie never made it into general theatrical release and received mixed reviews to say the least.  It’s available on DVD  and on television now. If you search for ‘The Last Ride’ on the site you will get quite a bit of information about the film.

I’ll let this woman from Texas tell her story about seeing the movie and falling in love.

I am a 37 year old woman with 4 sons 19,17 ,and 20 month old twins….Scanning thru the tv guide i was able to watch the movie The Last Ride.  Always knowing Hank Williams by photo  but never a fan. Just thought his photos were of an old man almost like an enigma. But after watching this movie I immediately wanted to learn and hear anything Hank Williams. In one week i scoured the internet went to the library read 2 books and even have Hank Williams as a ringtone.

The movie helped express in my eyes Hank Williams as a human being, real not thus ghostly image you see in old pictures. I could feel pain humbleness even innocence of the times and how naive people were in that era….And although it shows Hank drinkin and that Dr. His presence is almost like Dr. death just waiting to take a man who was lonely and in desperate need for genuine loving care from someone who didn’t expect or want something from him.

Thank You for bringing this little mexican mama into the world of Hank!  Fan till I die.

P.S. the books I read said he visited my home town Corpus Christi Texas. …and i sure wished id been born then to see Hank Williams ……playing his honky tonk in the city by the ocean…..Love u Hank.

Thanks for your message.  You are a real fellow traveler in the world wide Hank community.

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It’s always gratifying to get a comment and a compliment as well.

I got this one on here a while ago and decided it was worth highlighting with a post of it’s own.

Just found this website and I enjoyed it very much. I met Hank Williams in 1951 when he was traveling with the Hadacal Caravan. I was a boy of 12 and surrounded by country music in my family. What a joy to hear him, then to get his autograph. He wrote “best wishes Hank Williams”. I knew I was witnessing history as his sound and presents was a memory for life.

Still have that autograph.

Wally Bredemeier

Thanks  Wally

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Ray Price in hospital

Hank Williams’ friend and protege, Ray Price, 50’s honky tonk country pioneer  and legendary balladeer ,  has been admitted to a Houston Hospital.

The 87 year old has been plagued with health problems in recent years although he was actively touring in his 80’s.

Here’s note to fans from wife Janie:

Hello Friends,
Just wanted to give you an update on Ray. Last night Ray developed SEPSIS, a bad bacteria infection in his blood line. We rushed him to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and treatment was started. Rays blood pressure dropped too low and his heart rate too high. We were in watchful crisis all night long and through out early morning hours before he stabilized. Dr. Red Duke is here in charge and coordinating all of the Specialists treating Ray. I am at Rays bedside and have not left him for a second. I will continue to be ever watchful and give updates as Ray continues to improve.

Please remember Ray in your prayers tonight.
Blessings To All!
Janie Price


All Hank fans sincerely wish Ray and his family and friends all the best in this difficult time.

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