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One of Hank Williams greatest songs will be back on the charts in April as part of a big new album release that is getting a lot of attention.

The Album is Linda Rondstadt Duets which highlights recordings made by the singer over her long career.

On ‘I Can’t Help It if I’m Still in Love With You’  she is joined by Emmylou Harris in a recording made a way back in 1974.

But there’s nothing better than this shortened version from the Kate Smith Hour TV show.

The album released date is April 8, two days before Linda is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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I didn’t know that one of the greatest singers that ever lived recorded a Hank song and as usual created a definitive version. Dinah Washington.

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I’ve just lifted this article from the Hank Williams Museum website. A big anniversary is being celebrated there this weekend. Also in this passage news about a new Hank Williams tribute album. Proceeds from that project will go to the museum.

February 8, 2014 is the 15th Anniversary of the Hank Williams Museum.  We will celebrate with Open House on Sunday, Feb 9, 2014 from 1-4pm. Free Admission that day only.  Donations are appreciated!  New showcase featuring items from the “Alabama Outlaw” Wayne Mills

        Country artist Joey Allcorn announces the release of an album that will salute the legendary Hank Williams and raise money for the Hank Williams Museum. He is joined on the project by other artists who are avid Hank Williams fans and supporters of the museum, including Jake Penrod, Rachel Brooke, David Church, Arty Hill, Andy Norman, and Bobby Tomberlin.

Unlike other Hank Williams tribute recordings, this one does not feature any covers of Williams’ classic songs. Instead, it focuses on the mystery, the intrigue, and even the aura surrounding his untimely death.  Such important figures as Charles Carr, Hank’s driver on the night he died, and Braxton Schuffert, one of Hank’s earliest musical heroes, both of whom recently passed away, are a part of the musical story.

Among the songs included are “The Death of Hank Williams,” the first Hank Williams tribute song ever released, “Death is Only a Dream,” Hank’s favorite song according to a 1952 Country Song Roundup interview, and “Midnight,” the last song Hank Williams ever sang while traveling to Canton, Ohio, on December 31, 1952. “I’ve wanted to do a project like this for a long time in order to bring back some of these songs that exist in Hank Williams lore that a lot of his fans might not be very familiar with,” Allcorn says.

The album named “Midnight” is available exclusively from the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. All proceeds from its sale will go directly to the museum and play a role in keeping the world’s largest Hank Williams collection available for his many fans to enjoy for years to come.

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