It always gratifying to know that Hank Williams’ home town has established  annual ceremonial activities to remember it’s legendary native son.

On his birthdate in September, and on New Year’s Day the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery Alabama  honors the great American singer and  songwriter. A reading through this blog will establish that Williams has become a world class artist whose influence is felt through many facets of arts and culture in American and across the globe.

Here’s an announcement from the Museum on January 1st events in 2014.

January 1, 2014, we will honor Hank’s legacy at the Hank Williams Museum with music from 10:30-1pm.  $10 admission. Black eye peas served with the trimmings. Yum Yum
10am Oakwood Cemetery Annex for the 61st Memorial and wreath laying.
Musicians attending this year are:
The Sheppard Family, The Schuffert Family, Vinny D’Amico, Tyler Jones, Gaynell Moore, Andy Norman, Peter Loper, Roger Wilson and Special Guest-Spencer Bohren.
Here is a stunning announcement of news that soon traveled around the world 61 years ago.



Arguably the most important day in the career and life of Hank Williams was spent at the Herzog Studios at 811 Race Street Cincinnati Ohio.

It was there that Hank recorded 8 tracks that were turning points in the great career.

Most importantly, December 22, 1948 was the date Hank Williams recorded his signature song at least during the years he was alive, ‘Lovesick Blues’. It’s true that many other Hank recordings many his own compositions,  have become more associated with the Hank Williams legacy following his tragic death on Janury 1, 1953.

But during his lifetime, from the day it was released, ‘Lovesick  Blues’ was Hank’s most famous song and he was known at every appearance whether in person or on radio,  as “The Lovesick Blues Boy”.

On Friday December 21 2013, in Cincinnati, at The Southgate Revival there will be a celebration of Hank’s two  recording session at Herzog December 22 1948 and August 30 1949. The occasion will be marked by the  release of a CD by ArloMcKinley called  the Hank 8, covering each of the recordings that were made on the two days. The celebration will include other musical acts as well and participants dressing in period 1940’s costumes.

Here are the Hank  Williams recordings at Herzog from December 22, 1948:
Lost on the River
There’ll be no Teardrops Tonight
I Heard My Mother Praying For Me
Lovesick Blues

From August 30, 1949
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
A House Without Love is Not a Home
I Just Don’t Like This Kind of Living
My Buckets Got a Hole in It

So there it is, from December ‘Lovesick Blues’ and There’ll be no Teardrops Tonight’, and from August ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’.
Hank fans sure appreciate the efforts of the Cincinnati Music Heritage Foundation to keep his name alive and strong in Cincinnati Ohio.
Here’s a great article about Herzog from Brian Turpen:
And finally, from Cincinnati. . . Hank Williams

Ray Price a protege and friend of Hank Williams died December 16 at the age of 87.

Here’s a very good article reviewing  Price’s career  and his many accomplishments and virtually unparalleled contributions to country music. Of course Ray also became one of the very top echelon of pop vocalists and stylists in American music.

Here’s a Hank song for Ray.

UPDATE: Dec 16, 2013, 945 AM

There’s been confusion about the death of Ray Price. He is still alive but in end of life care at home. This is a correction from ‘The Tennessean’.


All the best to all involved at this very difficult time.

UPDATE: Dec 15, 2013 445 PM Eastern

I hate to now have to report that the ‘Tennessean’ newspaper in Nashville now reports that Ray Price has died.


Earlier report:

Sadly, country superstar and legend, Ray Price’s condition has apparently taken a turn for the worse.

Price, a protege and friend of Hank Williams, has been waging an heroic fight against cancer.

He came close to death this fall in a Houston hospital, but then rallied in time for Thanksgiving.

Now we hear he has gone from hospital to  hospice care at home.

Here’s a link

Here’s the official statement from wife Janie.

“Ray is alert and aware of his surroundings and making decisions. With God’s blessing, he has not had extreme pain. But it’s with great sadness that I announce to you today that my beloved husband has entered the final stages of his cancer that he has battled for 25 months. Anyone who knows Ray is aware that he has strong convictions and great faith in God. It’s his decision to leave the hospital and return home to spend his final days on his beloved ranch surrounded by the comfort of his home, family and friends.”

I think this is a really great vocal performance by Ray Price on a Hank song:

Finally, Here is a list of all articles in the blog mentioning Ray Price.

Ray Price’s home is being prepared for a special Thanksgiving as the legendary singer is expected to be home for the holiday.

Here is a message from the great protege of Hank Williams posted in his Facebook page on November 8.

Hello Friends,
Looks like this Long Days Night is finally at an end.
I am winding down my hospital stay and looking forward to my own easy chair!
Janie and I are exhausted and to quote our Hero, Audie Murphy, We Have Been To Hell And Back.
And like Audie said, This Has Been A Tough Hill To Climb!
I plan to spend more time keeping up with you folks, so hang in there with me.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and Janie these last 60 Days. Janie read them to me even when I could not speak a word. I will never forget your words of encouragement that gave me the will to live a little bit longer on this old earth! !
Your Friend, Ray Price

There’s a lot of concern in the Hank Williams community with the news that George Merritt co-author of the most important Hank Williams biography is seriously ill.

Merritt helped write ‘Hank Williams: The Biography’ with Colin Escott and William MacEwen. It’s been in print for many, many years.

Merritt was ill, then broke a hip, but is now recovering.

His birthday is November 14.

I think it would be OK to send get well messages and birthday greetings to this email.


Here’s the latest update on Hank Williams friend and protege Ray Price, 87, who  has been seriously ill with an infection and pancreatic cancer in a Houston hospital. This comes from his wife Janie on the Ray Price Facebook page.

Hello Friends,
Ray And I Want To Thank God For Hearing All Of The Prayers Sent Up To Him From All Of You And For The Incredibly Miraculous Recovery That Ray Has Made!!!
Ray has been downgraded from Isolution ICU to Intermediate ICU!
The hospital is the only place on Earth that the announcement of “YOU HAVE BEEN DOWNGRADED” is a good thing!
If Ray continues to improve over this up coming weekend, he will be able to leave ICU and move into an Acute Care Facility early next week.
We cannot go home yet because he has to have physician supervised dialysis. His kidneys were severely damaged by the Sepsis and we have to give them time to recover function.
A Dear Friend told me today this is Day 44 of our hospital stay. Frankly I have lost track of the days and the time passing.
All I know is that my Sweetheart is still alive and becoming more and more like his old self every day.
I have not been more than 10 steps away from his bedside and I promise you I shall remain on constant vigil until we can walk out of this place together! !
If you can find it in your hearts to stay with us just a while longer, I truly believe our God will bring us home!
Your Grateful Friend, Janie Price

I was delighted to receive a comment written  on one of the posts on this site about the movie ‘The Last Ride’.

The movie never made it into general theatrical release and received mixed reviews to say the least.  It’s available on DVD  and on television now. If you search for ‘The Last Ride’ on the site you will get quite a bit of information about the film.

I’ll let this woman from Texas tell her story about seeing the movie and falling in love.

I am a 37 year old woman with 4 sons 19,17 ,and 20 month old twins….Scanning thru the tv guide i was able to watch the movie The Last Ride.  Always knowing Hank Williams by photo  but never a fan. Just thought his photos were of an old man almost like an enigma. But after watching this movie I immediately wanted to learn and hear anything Hank Williams. In one week i scoured the internet went to the library read 2 books and even have Hank Williams as a ringtone.

The movie helped express in my eyes Hank Williams as a human being, real not thus ghostly image you see in old pictures. I could feel pain humbleness even innocence of the times and how naive people were in that era….And although it shows Hank drinkin and that Dr. His presence is almost like Dr. death just waiting to take a man who was lonely and in desperate need for genuine loving care from someone who didn’t expect or want something from him.

Thank You for bringing this little mexican mama into the world of Hank!  Fan till I die.

P.S. the books I read said he visited my home town Corpus Christi Texas. …and i sure wished id been born then to see Hank Williams ……playing his honky tonk in the city by the ocean…..Love u Hank.

Thanks for your message.  You are a real fellow traveler in the world wide Hank community.