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I didn’t know that one of the greatest singers that ever lived recorded a Hank song and as usual created a definitive version. Dinah Washington.


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Contemporary singer songwriter legend Paul Simon has ranked Hank Williams in the top echelon of all songwriters from all genres in American musical history.

The short posting on a New York  website received some coverage because Simon put Paul McCartney in the top six, but left John Lennon in the second tier. In the comments section there was a bit of debate about the McCartney versus Lennon issue and the  absence of  Bob Dylan on the first tier. The top six are:

George Gershwin

Irving Berlin

Hank Williams

Paul McCartney

Richard Rodgers

Lorenz Hart

Simon put the following in his second tier:

John Lennon

Bob Dylan

Bob Marley

Stephen Sondheim

And then, “maybe I’m in there too”.

Hank Williams recently received a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for his writing as well as inclusion in a Harvard University reference book caller ‘A New Literary History of America’.

Here’s the original article.

So, is there only ONE country music songwriter who deserves to be on that list?

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