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Here’s a little homily I’m sure some of you will like. I found it on the Facebook website for the movie ‘The Last Ride’. It was posted by someone called Christopher Townsend. Here’s the page: ‘The Last Ride’.

And here’s the quote with a brand new twist on Hank in heaven.

And on the seventh day as he rested, God longed to hear some music. He called the singer of this music “Hank Williams”, and as God listened, he saw that what he had created was good. Then, after many years of listening, God decided to share the music with the people on Earth.

29 short years later, God longed to hear Hank Williams sing once again, and brought him back into Heaven, leaving the people on Earth with only the recordings, and the memory of a man who was much more than just a country singer.

Hope you liked it.

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