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I’m not sure what’s going on with this new Hank Williams’ biopic called ‘The Last Ride’ which was being filmed recently in Arkansas. But here’s a photo of one of the stars Kaley Cuoco.

And here’s  another shot of Henry Thomas who stars as Hank Williams.

I’ve heard some comments from some people who aren’t holding out much hope for this flick. I hate to say it but I can’t imagine what this sweet faced Kaley can possibly be doing in the film. And as others have mentioned Henry Thomas looks in pretty good shape, strong and healthy looking, compared to what we know was Hank’s condition at the time.

Let’s trust Harry Thomason who’s directing and hope for the best.

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We have some photos  from ‘The Last Ride’, the new Hank Williams movie  shooting in Little Rock Arkansas.These are from Dennis Oxley who acted as an extra in the scene, along with Becky Alexander who posted a comment earlier.

These are scenes involving extras and a photo of the Cadillac used in the movie shoot. Thanks to Dennis for writing his own captions making it easier for me and more interesting for you.

Posed shot of the director (Harry Thomason-center with glasses) and the band. The lead singer (guy on right with guitar) had to have someone drive him to the set each day because he’s only 16! …but he had some great “pipes”!

The Cadillac used in thre movie that represents (I assume) the one that Hank Williams Sr. was found dead in. I don’t know if (or how) that will be dealt with in the movie.

Finally, Here’s a shot taken bu Colt Cockrell of Dennis getting slammed by Becky Alexander who wrote us a nice comment on the post with pictures from Benton.

Day two at the NLR Hanky Tonk shoot for “The Last Ride”. Dennis Oakley getting slapped in more than 15 takes by fellow extra(the production crew preferred the term “background” persons) Becky Alexander in this re-enactment. Director Thomason made sure  “she hit him hard!”

This is John back, and while I’m doing this I want to go back to the earlier posting of pictures from the Benton Arkansas shoot a while ago. These were sent to me by Amy. I mistakenly failed to post her Cadillac picture and misidentified a picture of a what looked like a 51 Pontiac !

So Here’s Amy’s photo.

Thank to everyone for these pictures. They give us all a new interest and a new connection to the movie no matter how it turns out.

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