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It always gratifying to know that Hank Williams’ home town has established  annual ceremonial activities to remember it’s legendary native son.

On his birthdate in September, and on New Year’s Day the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery Alabama  honors the great American singer and  songwriter. A reading through this blog will establish that Williams has become a world class artist whose influence is felt through many facets of arts and culture in American and across the globe.

Here’s an announcement from the Museum on January 1st events in 2014.

January 1, 2014, we will honor Hank’s legacy at the Hank Williams Museum with music from 10:30-1pm.  $10 admission. Black eye peas served with the trimmings. Yum Yum
10am Oakwood Cemetery Annex for the 61st Memorial and wreath laying.
Musicians attending this year are:
The Sheppard Family, The Schuffert Family, Vinny D’Amico, Tyler Jones, Gaynell Moore, Andy Norman, Peter Loper, Roger Wilson and Special Guest-Spencer Bohren.
Here is a stunning announcement of news that soon traveled around the world 61 years ago.


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Thanks very much to Hank Williams’ authority Ed Guy for sending me his first hand report on the commemorations of Hank Williams’ death held in Montgomery on the New Year’s weekend.

NEW YEAR’S EVE 12-31-12 & NEW YEAR’S DAY 1-1-13

Had an enjoyable trip to Montgomery, AL and visited with many Hank Fans, Beth & Jeff Petty, Braxton Schuffert, Andy Norman, Rick & Marie Angers, and others.

Andy, Beth Cooper, and Tyler Jones (an excellent teenage singer of Hank Songs from Killen, AL) were the performers who stood out.  Braxton was so endearing as he told stories of Hank and sang some of the old songs and explained how they were written on demand (by Fred Rose)

Karo provided the Karaoke Program on NY’s Eve before the live music.

Jeff Petty, as always, was the perfect MC.

An ardent Hank Fan and Fan Club Member – Rabbi Ben Alpert of Boynton Beach, FL – presented an interesting discussion of Hank’s life and music which was well received at both the Gravesite and in the Museum.

Bobby Linzey of Cumming, GA, who was a neighbor of Hank’s in Montgomery, recalled his experiences as a young boy frequenting Miss Lilly’s Boarding House, seeing Hank in life and also his recollections of Hank’s Funeral.  He displayed some interesting photographs.

Terry Faust, “Hank’s Grave Tender” sang a haunting tribute song to Hank at the Gravesite.  Other singers & musicians included T J Bohannon, 10 years old, of Rome, GA; Roger “Hurricane” Wilson of Kennesaw, GA; and
the Slim Pickin’s Band who are scattered throughout Georgia.

Two events…….. the Candlelight Vigil & Singing at Hank’s Statue on Perry Street on NY’s Eve and the Gravesite Service on NY’s Day with music by the Sheppard Family from Banks, AL and fine food both days with a good attendance. (On NY’s Day, Beth Petty and Betty Jackson served the traditional black-eyed peas dinner.

Due to illness, Charles Carr was unable to attend.  Hopefully he will recover soon and have a most Happy & Healthy New Year.

Even had appearances by Mary Margaret McCord, Miss Alabama USA, and Lorin Holcombe, Miss Teen Alabama USA.

Beth Petty, Curator of the HW Museum reminds everyone that there will be an Open House at the Museum in Montgomery on Feb 10, 2013 to celebrate the Museum’s 14th Anniversary.

Ed Guy
Palm Coast, FL

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The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery Alabama is sponsoring memorial events surrounding the 60th anniversary of the death of Hank Williams on New Year’s Day 1953.

On New Year’s Eve for a modest charge there will be food and music at the Commerce Street museum with a candlelight vigil to nearby  statue of Hank Williams  at midnight. At the same time, The City of Montgomery is sponsoring a street party honoring Hank and Commerce Street  will be blocked off near the museum.

On New Year’s Day, participants will meet at Hank’s grave at the Oakwood Cemetary Annex at 10am for a wreath laying and memorial service.

Following the service everyone is invited to the museum for black-eyed peas and more music. Events wrap up at 1pm.

I think I speak for Hank fans all around the world who, although they are unable to journey to Montgomery, deeply appreciate that a sincere, touching, heartfelt, tribute is being held at the Hank Williams gravesite on the anniversary  his death every year.


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Hank’s importance to the world is being solidly recognized as the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery announces details of its annual Hank Williams birthday celebration.

I like the language the museum uses to announce the event: ” On Monday, September 17, 1923, the world received the gift of Hiram Williams and on Saturday, September 15, 2012, nearly 89 years later, the celebration of the gift of Hank continues!”

Highlights include a wreath laying at the Oakwood cemetery at 9am and a collectors fair with food and live music and disc jockey Dr. Sam from 10am till 5pm at the museum.

Detailed information is available in the NEWS section of the Hank Williams Museum website Here.

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The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery will  commemorate the New Years Day death of Hank Williams on Saturday December 31  and January 1st.

The Saturday get together starts at 3pm at the Museum. At 11:30 the group will parade to the downtown Hank Williams’ statue for a ceremony.

Then at 10am Sunday morning, the 59th anniversary of Hank Williams’s death, participants will gather at the Oakwood Cemetery gravesite for a wreath laying and memorial service. The group will return to the museum at noon for black eyed peas, a tradition.

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Thanks to Beth Petty at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery for a note on the September 17th Hank birthday festivities at the museum.

This is Hank Williams’ 88th birthday. The museum is also hosting a Collector’s Fair in connection with the birthday celebration which falls on the Saturday this year.

The day begins with a wreath laying at the Hank Williams’ gravesite at the Oakwood Cemetery at 9am.

The museum on Commerce Street in downtown Montgomery opens at 10am.Between 11 and 4 there will be live music and time for fellowship between fans. Concession booths are available.

A reminder from Beth Petty that the gift store at the museum has the new 2012 calendar for sale at $10.

If anyone has  Hank Williams related  announcements or news items they would like to see on this blog please contact me at:


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The founder of the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery has died. Cecil Jackson died on March 15 of complications after surgery. He was 73.

Jackson was one of that dwindling group of people who actually knew Hank Williams. He met him as a youngster when Hank bought him a coke at a local store. In a footnote to history, Jackson changed the tires on Hank’s Cadillac in preparation for  the tragic trip north over  New Years  1952/53.

But Jackson’s great contribution to the Hank Williams legacy came as he collected memorabilia. Finally in 1999 he opened the Hank Williams Museum. He also was involved with the annual New Years vigil at the Williams’ gravesite.

This has been a tragic period for those involved in perpetuating the memory of Hank Williams, as several colleagues have passed on. Back in December, Mary Wallace a board member of the Georgianna Museum and a founder of the Hank Williams Festival in that community died. Earlier, Dale Vinicur a Hank Williams historian and author passed away. Hank biographer and Alabama native Paul Hemphill also died last year.

Of course in August 2008,  the world lost the legendary centerpiece  of the Hank Williams’ sound, steel guitar artist Don Helms.

The effort to preserve and enhance the reputation of Hank Williams as a significant world artist is reaching a turning point as so many of those who were his contemporaries and  friends  leave us. Fortunately, a new generation of seems to be coming forward. As examples, we have a major exhibition at the Hall of Fame, new books with new attitudes (the late Paul Hemphill’s biography for instance), a film by Harry Thomason in production, an article in the New Literary History of America, Jack White and Bob Dylans proposed new album of Hank songs, tribute shows and Broadway style productions,  Norah Jones interest in Hank, Dave Mathews performance with Neil Young on the worldwide Haiti relief benefit, and of course the obvious devotion of those who produced the Mother’s Best box sets.

I imagine as Hank Williams’ legacy endures and grows in the centuries ahead, Cecil Jackson and the others will be remembered always as people who understood early and profoundly the importance preserving his works and memory for the generations they knew would follow in their footsteps and see Hank Williams as an artist of world wide importance.

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The annual midnight vigil at the Hank Williams’ gravesite in Montgomery continued this year.

On New Year’s Day morning a ceremony was held at the graveside.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, at least 14 performers attended the event and performed on New Year’s Day at the Hank Williams Museum.

Ninety four year old Braxton Schuffert who performed with Hank Williams in the early years, and seventy four year old Charles Carr who, as a teenager, drove Hank Williams on his last journey , both attended.

The events were organized by the Hank Williams Museum.

Here is the Montgomery Advertiser story.

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The New Year’s Eve  midnight vigil at the Hank Williams’ gravesite in Montgomery will be held again this year.

The Hank Williams Museum is sponsoring a program News Year’s Eve with entertainment by Jake Penrod, Joey Allcorn, Gary Gentry and others. Participants will gather at the gravesite for the 57th Memorial at 11:30. On New Year’s day there will be a morning gathering at the grave and a luncheon at the Museum.

For details contact the Museum:

The email is:  hankwilliamsmuse@bellsouth.net

Last January I posted a link to the Montgomery Advertiser with video of The January 1st daytime service at the Gravesite.

Here it is.

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