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A short review in the Seattle Times doesn’t have much positive to say about the Hank Williams based movie ‘The Last Ride’.

A key paragraph goes like this:

But, alas, “The Last Ride” doesn’t deliver much insight into Williams or the lifestyle that killed him. And while there are some sweet moments, it’s riddled with clichés about the South, masculinity and coming of age. No doubt because of licensing expenses, not one Hank Williams performance appears on the soundtrack.

Of course the failure to present any authentic Hank Williams music has been a major criticism of this movie.
The reviewer ,Paul de Barros, also thinks the driver played by Jesse James becomes the center of attention in the movie instead of Hank played by Henry Thomas.
To be fair a lot of reviewers have praised Thomas’ performance.

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A one minute and 50 second movie trailer for the Arkansas produced movie about the last days of Hank Williams starring Henry Thomas has been released. You may recall the trailer was up on the internet a month or so ago but was quickly taken down over some copyright issues.

Many thanks to ‘timlh’ for alerting me to this new development.

The movie was filmed in Arkansas primarily around Benton in February, March and April of last year. It stars Henry Thomas of ET fame, Jesse James, Kaley  Cuoco, and Fred Thompson. It is directed by Harry Thomason of Mozark Productions. That company is famous for a number of successful TV and movie projects including ‘Designing Women’.

It looks like this version of ‘The Last Ride’ will be the first of a number of Hank Williams movie projects announced over the last couple of years to actually be released. There’s no word whether it will open in theatres or television, or when.

Finally, what so many of you have been waiting for, the actual moving pictures with sound from the Arkansas production of :

The Last Ride starring Henry Thomas as Hank Williams. UPDATE: This link has been taken down. Thanks to commenters on “savingcountrymusic.com” for finding a link in China which I have now taken down.

Here’s the new improved longer You Tube Link which seems to be holding up.

And here are some of the stories about this film that have been posted on this blog.

And here’s the link to the Saving Country Music article.

If anyone has comments about what they see on this new video, please let us know in the comment section below.

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Many thanks to Amy who was a commenter on the post about the Hank Williams ‘Last Ride’ movie being filmed in Benton Arkansas.

Amy has sent me some photos of the film shoot with some great pictures of the star Henry Thomas dressed as Hank Williams.

Here’s a third photo of Henry:

Finally Jesse James who plays Charles Carr and the Caddy.

Thanks so much Amy. I’m sure people really appreciate being able to see these pictures and get a preview of what the movie will look like.

I can’t believe I actually managed to get these imported. I’m a computer klutz, and this is a first!!

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