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Sadly the Hank Williams generation in country music is inevitably passing away.

News recently that Johnny Wright of Johnny and Jack duet fame and husband of country legend Kitty Wells has died at the age of 97. A week or two earlier Wilma Lee, a stalwart of the Wheeling Jamboree  in the Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper husband wife duo, passed away. She was 91.

All of the Hank biographies report a close friendship between Hank Williams, Johnny Wright, Jack Anglin and Kitty Wells. I stand to be corrected but I think they were stars of the Louisiana Hayride at the same time.

I guess there are still  many people who knew and performed with Hank Williams still alive, But if you take those who are true contemporaries of Hank Williams born say between 1915 and 1930 few remain. Thankfully Little Jimmie Dickens and Kitty Wells and Ray Price are still with us. I’m sure there are others.

We forget sometimes to do the math, but those born in 1930, seven years after Hank Williams, are now 81. And we recently celebrated hank’s 88th birthday.

Here’s the sound of Johnny and Jack.

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