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On May 24th Jett Williams accepted Hank Williams’ Pulitzer Prize Citation from the President of Columbia University in New York. Jett Williams was quoted on the All Access website:

“Hank Williams has always been in a class all his own as the Shakespeare  of ‘the common man,’ whom he touched so deeply and for so long with his lyrical genius,” said Jett Williams. “To be so honored by the Pulitzer Prize Board puts my dad in the company of those who have grown to appreciate and now recognize his incredible influence and talent. To hear the strains of ‘Hey Good Lookin’ ringing throughout the rotunda at Columbia University as we exited the event would give anyone pause — it certainly did me.”

Here’s a widely circulated photo of the event distributed by Columbia University with Jett in the middle and Columbia University President  Lee Bollinger on the left and Carolyn Tate from Columbia on the right..

I have written SEVEN posts on Hank’s Pulitzer win. You can easily bring them all up by typing “Pulitzer” in the search box at the top of the blog.

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