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Ray Price’s home is being prepared for a special Thanksgiving as the legendary singer is expected to be home for the holiday.

Here is a message from the great protege of Hank Williams posted in his Facebook page on November 8.

Hello Friends,
Looks like this Long Days Night is finally at an end.
I am winding down my hospital stay and looking forward to my own easy chair!
Janie and I are exhausted and to quote our Hero, Audie Murphy, We Have Been To Hell And Back.
And like Audie said, This Has Been A Tough Hill To Climb!
I plan to spend more time keeping up with you folks, so hang in there with me.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and Janie these last 60 Days. Janie read them to me even when I could not speak a word. I will never forget your words of encouragement that gave me the will to live a little bit longer on this old earth! !
Your Friend, Ray Price

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Here’s the latest update on Hank Williams friend and protege Ray Price, 87, who ┬áhas been seriously ill with an infection and pancreatic cancer in a Houston hospital. This comes from his wife Janie on the Ray Price Facebook page.

Hello Friends,
Ray And I Want To Thank God For Hearing All Of The Prayers Sent Up To Him From All Of You And For The Incredibly Miraculous Recovery That Ray Has Made!!!
Ray has been downgraded from Isolution ICU to Intermediate ICU!
The hospital is the only place on Earth that the announcement of “YOU HAVE BEEN DOWNGRADED” is a good thing!
If Ray continues to improve over this up coming weekend, he will be able to leave ICU and move into an Acute Care Facility early next week.
We cannot go home yet because he has to have physician supervised dialysis. His kidneys were severely damaged by the Sepsis and we have to give them time to recover function.
A Dear Friend told me today this is Day 44 of our hospital stay. Frankly I have lost track of the days and the time passing.
All I know is that my Sweetheart is still alive and becoming more and more like his old self every day.
I have not been more than 10 steps away from his bedside and I promise you I shall remain on constant vigil until we can walk out of this place together! !
If you can find it in your hearts to stay with us just a while longer, I truly believe our God will bring us home!
Your Grateful Friend, Janie Price

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